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Two pelicans landing on a tire

Although Boka (inlet or bay) Ascension is still not a pristine place, it is a place where sea turtles can graze again, pelicans and fish eagles can fish again. When the people of Curacao dumped their waste in sea, all … Continue reading

Flamingo with a blue sea

Flamingos get their pink colour from the crustations they feed on. They are seen on all islands, Venezuala and around the rest of the Caribbean. Flamingos are good flyers and travel often between the islands.

Humming bird with Aloe Vera

This little Blue-tailed Emerald hummingbird visits these flowers of a Aloe Vera many times during the day. The Aloe Vera is called Sentebibu in Papiamentu, which roughly means eternal live. According to tradition you will live to be 100 years old if … Continue reading

Sea turtle

Around the island of Klein Curaçao (little Curaçao) sea turtles can often been seen grazing on sea weeds and sea grass. When snorkeling approach them quietly and they will go on with their own business and will not be disturbed … Continue reading


The Bananaquit (Suikerdiefje in Dutch, which translates to little sugar thief, and Chibichibi in Papiamentu) is a small bird that is very fond of sweetness. They usually feed on nectar from flowers, but they figured out that human like sweet … Continue reading


Iguanas are pretty common on the islands. When they are young you will find them often in the trees and their color is usually bright green. When they get older they will move to the ground and their colors will … Continue reading