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Flag of Curacao at Landhuis Ascension

The flags of Landhuis (Country House) Anscension fly against the North-eastern trade winds. A former foreman, shon Martin, with a very bad reputation is buried just outside the plantation with his head facing the house by the people he oppressed. … Continue reading

Palapa on Playa Kanoa

On Curaçao all the beaches are on the South side of the island, except one: Playa Kanoa. Its beach is secluded by a natural barrier. Surfers rides the big waves on the other side of these rocks.

Taking a nap on a boat

A Venezuelan sailor gets some nap time on one of the little boats that sail between Curaçao and Venezuela with fruit, vegetables and other goods. These are sold in market stalls on the dockside.

Tall ship and Handelskade

The Mexican Navy training vessel ARM Cuauhtémoc docked in the harbour of Willemstad. Colorful flags fly along the bright colored houses of the Handelskade of Punda.

Little purple flowers in the red heart of a Bromelia

Tiny purple flowers are sitting in the bright red center of this Bromeliad. In Christoffel Park you will find patches of these beautiful plants underneath the trees.

Grass seeds

Seeds of a species of grass waving in the trade winds.

Tug boat passing the Queen Emma bridge.

A tug boat passes the Queen Emma bridge, a pontoon bridge that connects Punda and Otrobanda. It is build on 16 floating pontoons and swings open to let ships pass. The picture was taken from the Queen Juliana bridge, which … Continue reading

Blue Tang

A group of Blue Tang swims along one of the many reefs surrounding the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.

View over Caracasbaai

This is the view from Fort Beekenburg over Caracas bay to the old Quarantine house. The fort was build around 1703 and in 1805 Pedro Luis Brion fought here against an English invasion army.


Yellow light of the setting sun creates even a more ancient look on this unique Art Deco cinema building. Cinelandia is not in use any more and it’s status of protected monument was debated for a while. But it’s future … Continue reading