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Palapa on Playa Kanoa

On Curaçao all the beaches are on the South side of the island, except one: Playa Kanoa. Its beach is secluded by a natural barrier. Surfers rides the big waves on the other side of these rocks.

View over Caracasbaai

This is the view from Fort Beekenburg over Caracas bay to the old Quarantine house. The fort was build around 1703 and in 1805 Pedro Luis Brion fought here against an English invasion army.


In the weekends people come together on one of the many beaches or resorts to enjoy a drink under the stars.


Sunsets and sunrises can be so spectacular!

Sharp rocks in the surf with clouds above.

The northern side of the island has a very rugged coast line, the fossilized coral is very sharp and big waves pounds these shores. There is one place, playa Kanoa, where these rocks form a natural barrier for a small … Continue reading

Snorkel mask in a tree at a white coral beach

Curaçao has about 38 beaches, some are very small, some are very touristy, on some you will find whole families around the barbecue on a Sunday afternoon, but you will find your favorite beach…