Blue Tang

A group of Blue Tang swims along one of the many reefs surrounding the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.

View over Caracasbaai

This is the view from Fort Beekenburg over Caracas bay to the old Quarantine house. The fort was build around 1703 and in 1805 Pedro Luis Brion fought here against an English invasion army.


Yellow light of the setting sun creates even a more ancient look on this unique Art Deco cinema building. Cinelandia is not in use any more and it’s status of protected monument was debated for a while.
But it’s future is still uncertain.

Cactus salute

One of the many cactus species on the island is this ‘leaf’ cactus. This little one greets all the visitors to one of the caves in Christoffel Park.

Humming bird with Aloe Vera

This little Blue-tailed Emerald hummingbird visits these flowers of a Aloe Vera many times during the day.
The Aloe Vera is called Sentebibu in Papiamentu, which roughly means eternal live. According to tradition you will live to be 100 years old if you eat the gel everyday.

Cruise ship

Cruise ships, taking the tourists with them to another Caribbean island, leaving the terraces empty. But they are all ready set for the evening shift of people who stay or live on the island.

A lonely Agave on Klein Curacao

Much of Klein Curaçao today is flat and barren, but it used to have more vegetation. Phosphate mining stripped much of the good soil. Now a lonely agave tries to survive in the sun and wind.

Salt hills in the sunset

The white salt mountains stand out against the the dark blue of the approaching night on Bonaire’s salt flats.

Water splashes in Boka Pistol

Big waves from the Caribbean sea hits the rocks on the Northern side of the island.
This picture is taken at Boka Pistol in Shete Boka National Park, a place where the waves come into a very small gap and exits with a bang.

Otrobanda with ship coming in

A ship approaches the entrance channel to the port of Willemstad, the St. Anna Bay. At the end of this entry channel lays the Schottegat area, which houses the oil refinery and dry-dock, a container terminal and cargo wharves.